Jacobus Bator Detrius the Splendid

Necromancing shiny old man



Jacobus is an old man from the Cheliax empire, south of Varisia. His Aasimar heritage may seem problematic in this demon-ruled country, but his family and friends saw his birth a a blessing from the Gods.

Although an Aasimar, Jacobus does not follow any deity. At the age of forty he dedicated his life to studying magic and became a Soul Weaver.


Jacobus Bator Detrius would often be described as a handsome man in his younger years, mainly by his mother. His built was lean from working in his fathers morticians practice. Combined with his above average height and his Aasimar heritage, Jacobus was quite a sight to be seen.

At the start of this new endeavor in Sandpoint, Jabobus was already a man of nearly sixty. His old age has deprived him from most of his muscle and even a little of his height, though his beauty has never diminished, he often imagines his mother would add.

Jacobus inherited most of his looks from his mothers side of the family. This entails his square face with sharp features, a long nose, and prominent cheekbones. His thick black hair, now accompanied by silver streaks here and there, are clearly his fathers. Jacobus tends to keep his hair in a clean bob, that reaches just below his jawline, the top part tied together in a low ponytail. His hairstyle only changed in terms of his facial hair during his life. As an old man Jacobus grew out a short well kept beard, but his recent travels meddled with his daily grooming, making his chin hairs longer and longer.

Jacobus’ most striking features are a result of his Aasimar blood. The color of his skin can be described as light gray of blue. When the sun illuminates his brow, a golden shimmer can be detected. His skin seems to radiate slightly in the dark. His warm amber eyes contrast the cold colors of this skin.



Jacobus Bator Detrius lived most of his long life in a small town somewhere in the Fields of Chelam, in the center of the great Cheliax realm. The Detrius family were renowned morticians, known even west across the Tomarsilk River. Although not the eldest of the sons, Jacobus was trained to take over his fathers practice in time. According to the latter, Seus, the eldest son, showed no interest, nor had he the wits to run a business; Postulla, as a girl, served only to be married off and squeeze out some babes of her own. Jacobus took on the task at hand eagerly, and lived up to the Detrius name.

Ursa Detrius felt blessed after she had given birth to Jacobus. She had never suspected celestial blood ran through her family’s veins. Her husband Gordius was pleased as well, for he saw his business booming. People far and about would want their loved ones buried by a family tied to the Gods themselves. Jacobus became the talk of the town from the first days he saw life, and luckily for him the talk was all but bad. Only his two siblings were not pleases with the new addition to the family, because they were not as special as their little brother.

Through the years Jacobus stayed well liked in the town, and soon the title The Splendid was bestowed upon him, pitched by his very own mother. Children would sometimes called him the shiny, or the weird-looking, but Jacobus was not too fond of these nicknames.
Growing up as a morticians son and apprentice, Jacobus became very interested in death, and therefor also life. His main hobbies were collecting information about the deceased who found themselves on his fathers table. He researched their family history, and after a while he knew the entire history of their little town. Jacobus also looked into his own family tree, mainly to find out where his Aasimar blood found its roots, but he has yet to find an answer.

When Jacobus came of age, he wed the florist daughter Maeca, a plain looking girl, with a rather dull personality. But it did not matter, for all Jacobus wanted was to give his dear mother a grandson, and Maeca would do for that purpose. A year into their marriage she bore him a son, Ursus. Just like his father before him, Jacobus trained his son as a mortician, with the intention to leave the business to him when Jacobus became too old. His perfect plan turned out to be a little more difficult than expected, for Ursus was as dull and stupid as his mother. The boy disappointed his father one last time by dying of syphilis at the age of fourteen. Maeca could not bear the loss of her only child, and committed suicide shortly after.

The bright future Jacobus had planned out was ruined, but at least he had his dear mother, whom he loved very much. Unfortunately she was slowly consumed by the consumption. Jacobus took care of her for many years, but in the end they too had to part ways. His world shattered. Jacobus had never been confronted with the human condition as in that moment.

The loss of his mother consumed him, leaving his practice and social life neglected. Jacobus became obsessed with death and devoured all the books he could find on the subject. He left his old life behind and traveled to Brastlewark, the home of many scholars, wizards, and artist. The latter Jacobus would come to hate with a passion. The city is located in the west part of Cheliax, and the ideal place for Jacobus to continue his research.

Jacobus spent many a year in Brastlewark, gaining knowledge in the planes; history; and even light, life and death magic. His mentor Zoilus Volso was a hard man, often relying on his fists when his student would not pay attention to his lessons, or preform a spell the wrong way. A great humiliation for Jacobus, who was already a man well into his forties when he met Zoilus. If he learned anything during that time, it was how to maintain an unbreakable focus, out of fear for the old teachers steel knuckles.

Zoilus Volso was not the most conventional of wizards. He dabbled on the lines of what is ethical, though Jacobus is certain his teacher did not show him all of his research. Some wizards in Brastlewark called Volso a necromancer, but the old man himself preferred the term Soul Weaver, a name Jacobus too liked better. After years of training Jacobus dared to call himself by the same title, a turning point being, when he felt a calming presence that would follow him everywhere. According to his master, Jacobus had acquired a guiding spirit trough his death magic. He was certain he was reunited with his mother once again.

Jacobus had published several papers on the legends of Gods and immortality throughout the country. He researched most of by reading old scrolls spread across Cheliax. An old friend however told Jacobus about certain ruins in Varisia, relevant for Jacobus most recent research subject. With no other ways to check out this new lead Jacobus ventures out of his old familiar country to discover new places.

It turns out to be much harder than expected to wander the lands in search of some ruin for a man of nearly sixty. Not only does his back ache, but Jacobus is also no match for the wild creatures who roam the forests and fields of Varisia. Not to mention his lack of direction is fatal for his ventures. Jacobus finds himself in Sandpoint is search of a traveling party, thinking the local festival is bound to attract some adventurous types.

Jacobus Bator Detrius the Splendid

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