Abstalar Zantus

high-priest of Sandpoint


A small, rotund man with an open face and startling green eyes. He is always meticulously dressed and shaven, and often rubs over the butterfly-shaped birthmark on the back of his left hand, which he considers a lucky charm. He wears white, flowing robes and a silk, embroidered cap, and his typical Varisian scarf has intricate designs in shades of white and almost translucent purple. Although the clergy of Desna usually carry a starknife, Father Zantus prefers a simple, sturdy walking stick.


The current High-priest of sandpoint. The party met him when asking for healing in front of the cathedral after the goblin attack at the Swallowtail festival. He seemed busy and hurried then, and did not really talk to any of them.

Abstalar Zantus

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