Aldern Foxglove

Local nobleman


A tall, broad shouldered and handsome aristocrat. His dark brown hair hangs just below his sharp and defined jawline, and is parted in the middle. He has green eyes, though the bags under his eyes make him seem perpetually tired.
He wears a tight waistcoat of padded wool, always in a soft colour which complements the lighter shade of his tight-fitting breeches. His white sleeves are slashed with a bright coloured silk, and he keeps his white undershirt open to reveal a small silver medallion, shaped like a fox’ head with emerald eyes. His dark leather shoes, though fashionable with a steel tip engraved with that same fox’ head, are sensible and slightly worn. Outside, he usually wears a fur-trimmed mantle and an elegant rapier with silver ornate heft.


A Chelaxian nobleman of Magnimar, Aldern has had a rough life. The Foxgloves are a struggling family, without the political clout or financial savings of the Valdemar or Scarnetti. Though young Aldern grew up surrounded by the aristocracy, the death of his parents and the lack of any meaningfull inheritance meant he had to spend what little funds he and his sister had wisely. And he did. Calling in favours, seeking out a rich patron in the form of justice Ironbriar of Magnimar and a talent for trade and profit allowed the young Foxglove to reclaim the family mansion and at least some of the old prestige that clung to the Foxglove name.

Aldern likes to hear himself speak. Granted, his years at court and in mercantile circles have taught him how to use his deep and warm voice to great effect, but when he’s not pursuing an economic or social goal, or when nervous, he often goes on and on, absorbed in his own world.

Aldern Foxglove

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