So someone with a very scruffy beard, but not a lot of hair elsewhere on his head talked to me a while ago at the tavern and he asked about me and wense (he used this word so I will use it too) I came from. Because I really dont like telling stories I will write down my history so if someone asks me my story I can just give this to them.

I do not now wense I came although I have silly tattoos which I think means something but I don’t now what.
What I do now is I was raised on a farm close to Galduria. My parents as I call them were full of common sense and life experience. I admire them greatly as they taught me everything I now. My mother calls me her little blessing and my father doesnt talk to me. I do not now wense they came. Our farm is very big. I work on the field every day which is why I am very buff, although my mother said that I when I was little I was a very big baby so maybe I was always very buff which wouldnt be bad as I like being buff. We grow grain and potatoes and sell them at the market in Galduria. My father is very good at yelling so he yells in the market as well. I know some of our customers very well. Especially Trixie who I hate. She was my girlfriend 7 months ago. I still dont know why she was my girlfriend because I hate her a lot. She says I am as smart as the frogs at the pond but I know the frogs at the pond and they’re not smart. Unfortunatly I still have a tattoo of Trixie on my left arm. I thought it would go away after a few months, but it doesnt.

I was always good at fighting. Sometimes wolves attack the chickens in our farm but I just hit them with my club and they stop attacking. I was 4 years when I killed the first wolf. I had to hit twice then.

Life on the farm is tough and sometimes a little boring. I drink a lot with friends in Galduria in The Billy Goat tavern. We talk about girls and laugh about dwarves. Which is funny cause I just met a dwarf. We were laughing about how the dwarf didnt have a beard and how that is funny cause dwarves have beards, but then I learned she was a female dwarf and female dwarves have no beards which is fine but not funny. The dwarven lady said she liked animals and I kind of do too. She has a very big dog with horns and flippers. She told me about her travels and wense she came from mountains, and I kind of like mountains. I think she was also a little bit attracted to me, which is normal because Im buff and I take care of my appearance, but Im not into dwarves so Im not attracted to her.

I think I will join this dwarf on her travels. I asked my mother if she would be mad if I were to leave and she said something about that she always new I would leave to find my destinie and find out wense I came but that is not why I want to leave. I also asked my father and I never saw the man so happy ever so I think hes not mad too. I will gather some supplies and leave tomorrow. I hope I wont see Trixie again.


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