Shinsui Ji-woo

Boss Bitch


Just a Tian-Min girl living the good live


Her grandparents hailed from the Minkai capital of Kasai. Rising tensions and unrest, caused by the disapearance of 4 of the 5 imperial families in combination with the encroachment of rival gangs on the family’s territory, forced them to move to the Goka, the crown jewel of the Wall of Heaven and Gateway to the West.

In was in this sprawling and free-sprited melting pot of cultures that their son dishonorably eloped with a Tian-Hwan woman of questionable descent. Mother died at childbirth, father left her with family and departed for some far of land (Varisia). Growing up in the opium and gambling dens ran by her grandfather, she quickly learned the way of the streets: get money or die tryin’.

One day while holding an illegal, and gamblin’ session, she was outsmarted by a Varisian named Dragomir. She quickly learned Dragomir was a Sczarni who had come to Goka to seek his fortune. Together they deviced a opium smuggling route: getting the product straight from producers in Hwanggot and using the northern crossing to smuggle it to Varisia.

On the way to to Virisia, stabbed the guy in the eye, because he’s a stupid scarve-wearing asshole and leave him for dead.

While travelling to Magimar the donkey caravan carying all the precious opium was attacked by a pack of giant fucking weasles (travellers, beware of a pack of high weasles roaming the coastal road to Magimar!). Without money and a way to return back to Tian, she hears about the festival in Sandpoint. Festivals are always a good place to scam some dumb local out of their hard earned coins. Together with her only remaining donkey, named Momo, she sets of for Sandpoint!

Small, slender build. Tan skin, almost olive in colour. Almond shaped blue eyes under straight black hair, sloppily pinned up with a brass pin. Wearing a short indigo blue robe with a white floral pattern, held together by a brightly coloured red and yellow sash. On top of this a simple piece of armour, slightly too big for her, consisting of black lacquered scales held together by red pieces of rope. The armour is open on the back, revealing the intricately tied knot of the sash.

Possible names (firt part as sort of nickname in some cases?)

Mother Tian-Hwan, father Tian-Min = Big no-no
Left with grandparents (father’s side)
Shinsaburo Shinsui
Shin = small time mob boss, owner of a gambling/opium den

Was bullied as a child because of her mixed ancestry

Shinsui Ji-woo

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