Numumn Winterbeard


Race: Dwarf
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Hunter

Numumn is on the short side (even for a dwarf) and has long, ginger hair she tends to keep in two braided buns. She is average-looking but has a strong and authoritarian look about her. She’s quite grumpy when talking to humans unless the conversation is about animals or gold


Numumn was born in the dwarven Sky Citadel of Janderhoff, in Varisia’s Mindspin Mountains. Born as the only daughter to a rich family who made their money in the gold trade. Both of her parents are hard workers who uphold traditional dwarven values and habits.

Numumn has inherited many of these traits, and has always had a strong interest in gold, money and jewellery. At the age of 7, she received a hamster from her aunt. Numumn was very quickly very attached to the animal (as was her family, he became quite the spoiled pet). This sparked her interest in animals and nature, even though mammals were scarce in the mountain areas she grew up in. She started to adopt all animals she came across in need of a home and the house quickly filled up.

When she became of age, her interest in animals drove her to the idea of exploration and leaving her hometown. She wanted to see what creatures where out there and make some fortune on her own through adventuring, to uphold her dwarven honour. She left her family and all of the animals. Her parents would miss her but had started to view her pets as their own, and were not left with an empty house.

Numumn toured the oceanside of Varisia for a while, focussing on helping animals in need. At one point, she found a young walrus who had become separated from his family. Impressed by its unique look, strength and adorable eyes, she decided to travel with him.

Numumn and Tusks (as she named him) took a turn for the countryside and ended up in the Billy Goat Tavern in Galduria, where she met Bam, a strong-looking farmboy who she found pretty vain but easy to talk to. Since he had a good connection with Tusks as well, and she wanted to start a real adventure and maybe find a first dungeon to leave her mark in, she allowed him to join her party when he asked.

Together, all three of them to check out the near town of Sandpoint to look for adventure.

Numumn Winterbeard

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