Jubrayl Vhiski

Regular at the Fatmans Feedbag


A lanky man in his forties with a dry, tanned skin and short-cropped hair. He sports a thin mustache, marred by an ugly looking vertical scar across his lips. You can see the signs of his earlier life spent on the fishing boats by the way his sinewy forearms and hands are crisscrossed with the typical scars of rope and tackle.


One of the Fatmans Feedbag regulars, one can find Jubrayl sitting in the perpetual gloom of the tavern nearly all day, though he sometimes takes on work on one of the fishing boats if he’s short on cash.
He’s an avid gambler, and word on the street is he can find you just about anything, for a price.

When the party blustered into the Feedbag, Jubrayl offered a deal. His friendship, for a simple request. He offers his protection to the surrounding farmsteads in the Sandpoint Hinterlands, but it seems he has had trouble collecting his due payment. The party carefully refused his offer.

Jubrayl Vhiski

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