The journal of Tsuto Kaijitsu

In the cellar of the Sandpoint Glassworks, now turned into a grisly abatoir, the party faced a last stand of the Seven Tooth Goblin Tribe, led by a half elven monk of Tian descent. A journal found on this mysterious half elf revealed him to be none other then Tsuto Kaijitsu, Ameiko's half-brother. After the dead of his mother, the young boy, who had been a constant reminder of his wife's infidelity, had been sent away to the Windsong Abbey by his father.

The journal is filled with pages of lamentation, complaints, and the bitter fantasies of a young boy. You notice that several of these hateful wishes are directed against his father, and the townsfolk of Sandpoint who turned a blind eye, since his father provided exotic and valuable glass.

A large chunk has been thorn out of the middle of the journal, and when it begins again, the tone has changed. The whining of a boy has turned into the calculated note-keeping a bitter man, and his fantasies of an often-mentioned love. Various religious prayers can be found to a Goddess, mostly dealing in fire and mutilation for the unbelievers, and above all, greedy sinners like his father. In between all this, the party discovers plans to supply and equip a large host of several tribes worth of goblins, how best to play off the various factions against eachother, and attack plans on Sandpoint.

A map and a small plan is found to attack Sandpoint on the day of the Swallowtail festival, and steal a 'target'. Tsuto also mentions a larger attack from multiple sides, and his hopes of procuring the aid of someone called 'Erylium'.

The journal of Tsuto Kaijitsu

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